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Berkshire S1200.0708B.8, 1200 Series Dry Polyester Wipes 7" X 8" (17.78Cm X 20.32Cm), 8 Pack

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S1200.0708B.8, Dry Polyester Wipes 7" x 8" (17.78cm x 20.32cm), 8 Pack Berkshire Super Polx® 1200 is a knife-cut, cleanroom laundered wipe recommended for controlled environments rated ISO Class 4 and above



Designed for a high level of contamination control in critical processing applications

Features Super Polx reg 1200 wipes are engineered for use in the most critical cleanroom applications

Ideal in many industries, including laboratories, biotech research facilities, aerospace, defense electronics, computer assembly, and semiconductor, circuit board, pharmaceutical, and biomedical device manufacturing

Integrated circuit fabrication areas

It is composed of 100 continuous filament polyester knit fabric

Suited for stencil and other print roll cleaning applications

This combination of properties provides Super Polx reg 1200 with high level of cleanliness, abrasion resistance, and chemical compatibility

Useful wiper in the application and removal of cleaning and disinfecting solutions.