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Torino, Bench Seat Cover Set, Convertible, 1971

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USD 554.99

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  • Original Corinthian Grain Vinyl With Ruffino Grain Inserts
  • Correct 6 Stitch Per Inch Stitching
  • Correct Colors Matched To The Original Vinyl




This seat upholstery is a correct reproduction of the original

Be prepared to replace the foam, or at least pad it out

If a new cover is simply installed over used foam it will result in a baggy appearance

Note These prices are for new seat covers only and do not include seat frame or foam

Often these didn't match from the factory anyway due to production differences

The colors we offer are very true to the original, however they may not exactly match used door panels

This is one of those areas where professional installation may be worthwhile. /p

Time, wear, and UV rays change vinyl colors

Usually original covers shrink over time which compresses the foam

We offer the original Corinthian grain with Ruffino grain inserts in 32 oz

Vinyl, with the correct horizontal patterns sewn as original